Volunteers shave it off at first “Brave the Shave” fundraiser


The Love Your Melon Crew hosted its first St. Baldrick’s “Brave the Shave” event on Monday, in the Alumni Lounge. Guests enjoyed music, games, and also had the opportunity to donate to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a charity that raises funds for childhood cancer research.

However, some went the extra mile and shaved their heads.  

“The head-shaving component of these fundraising events was created to represent the bald beauty that cancer patients experience when going through chemotherapy,” said lead organizer Tricia Lasasso.

The volunteers set a goal and asked their family and friends to donate. They pledged to shave their heads if people donated.

Bob Bender said that when his granddaughter, a university student, asked him for a donation, he asked  if there was any other way he could contribute to the cause. Bender was not expecting her to ask him to shave his head, but he believed the cause was worth the price.  Bender set his goal to raise $300.

“You set your goal and you shave your head and it all goes to pediatric cancer cure, which is what’s better,” said Bender. “I would do it again tomorrow, except I don’t have any hair left.”

According to the event’s website, 18 people volunteered to shave their heads. The top participant raised over $500. The crew set their goal at $3,500. As of press time, they have raised $2,882. Donations can be made on the organization’s website, stbaldricks.org/events/newhavenbravetheshave.  

Seth Harrington, a sophomore communications student, said he enjoyed participating in the fundraiser.

“As a person who has seen what cancer can cause, I’m very grateful that people donate money and even shave their heads to support others,” said Harrington.

Lasasso said she hopes the fundraiser will become an annual event for the Love Your Melon Crew.

“It is fun, exciting, and completely different than any other event on campus,” said Lasasso. “The participation and support from the campus for our first year means so much, especially because everyone is joining the fight against pediatric cancer with us.”