Students React to Residential Halls and Policy Renovations


Over winter break, the University implemented changes to on-campus living, including an updated guest policy, a new sign in process, free laundry, a simplified room selection process, and facility improvements.

“These updates were guided by input from students and staff during the summer and fall 2017 semester months,”read a letter to students from the Office of Residential Life.   “We hope you find these improvements beneficial to your living experience. These are just the beginning, as we will continue making improvements to our residential communities and the living experience.” 

Sheffield resident Matt Verrili gave the new housing policies and improvements two thumbs up,and said the new sign in process is more efficient. Verrili said that the policies look good so far, and he  can’t wait to see them in full effect.

Other students were excited about the recently free laundry, which used to cost $1.25 for each washing, and drying cycle.  

“Free laundry is amazing,” said Forest Hills resident John Boncaldo.

Facility improvements were made to Forest Hills apartments, and all main campus residence halls, excluding Westside Hall and Bethel Hall.  Forest’s improvements ranged from replacing locks on doors,fixing plumbing issues,and repainting, Dunham received common room renovations, new lights, carpet, and stair risers. Gerber and Bixler both received new lighting in the lounge and main entrances, while Bergami’s lighting improved, and in-suite towel hooks were added in response to requests made by students. When it comes to learning about plumbing one can also read about the types of water heater systems.

In Celentano, the rear access door has been activated for students to use their ID’s to enter the building from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“I am happy the door has access, especially if I am parked behind Celentano,” said Celentano resident Lauren Risley.  

The guest policy has been updated to allow three guests 18 and older per student, regardless of whether or not they attend the University. Overnight guests are now two per student, and are allowed to stay any night of the week, for no more than three consecutive nights, and a maximum of 10 nights in 30 days

When it comes to the bathrooms and if there are any leaks, one can always consult experts from leaking showers repairs melbourne to help them fix it.

“I don’t have to pick which friend to hang out with, I can just invite them all,” said Forest Hills resident Emily Khirisy.

The overnight sign in process no longer requires paperwork, but just proper identification. However, overnight parking passes still require paperwork.

“I think the guest policy should have been implemented before,” said Winchester resident Kelsey Novak. “I also think this will bring more guests in.”

Lastly, the room selection process is now four days long, rather than six weeks. Additionally, health and safeties will be done once a semester rather than once a month.