Dean’s Office Holds Dean’s Hour


On Oct. 31, Dean’s Hour was held in Jazzman’s, Bartels and Food on Demand (FOD) by the staff of the Dean’s office. Dean’s Hour is a way for the Dean’s Office to get feedback from students and try to improve upon suggested issues.

Assistant Dean Of Students Rebecca Kitchell was in FOD, while Senior Associate Dean Of Students Ric Baker was in Bartels, and Assistant Director Of Title IX/ VAWA Compliance and Student Life Programs Ashley Dunn was in Jazzman’s Cafe.

Baker said,“The goal was to make ourselves open to students and conduct outreach to students and get feedback on what the university is doing well or things we can improve upon to make our student experience better.”

Each staff member had paper where students could write down their concerns about student life, residential life, commuter life, activities CSELO offers or wish they offered, and any other feedback positive or negative.

“Overall, the majority of the feedback was very positive.  The comments or concerns we did get we will address.  What we don’t know we can’t fix!  That’s why sharing feedback and offering constructive criticism is critical,” Kitchell said.

After students provided feedback, they were provided with candy as both a thank you and incentive to fill the paper out. A similar event was held in the Alumni Lounge in September and had a poor turnout. Due to low attendance the office decided to go where the students are during lunch hours. Students were willing to share their experiences and feedback with the office.

“We are going to take all the feedback we received, type them out and sort them by categories/themes and share with the various departments on campus who might also benefit from this feedback,” said Kitchell.

There are other opportunities on campus like USGA general meetings on Fridays, USGA Food Committee or one of Residential Life’s Town Hall Meetings where students can provide similar feedback. However, these events might be held while students are busy.

Senior Meghan Morgan mentioned how she would love to express her opinions, but most of the time these events are during class or at a time she can’t attend.

“This is an opportunity for students to know the Dean Of Students’ faces rather than behind a desk or email. It makes us more visible on campus,” Dunn said.

The Dean’s office is always open to feedback whether it be an idea or an issue. More Dean’s Hours will be hosted throughout the rest of the year.