RA’s Talk Homecoming

During homecoming weekend at the University of New Haven, resident assistants (RA’s) are responsible for keeping their residents and guests safe.

This past weekend was the same as the usual protocol, except for the fact that residents are only allowed one non-University guest overnight.

“The biggest difference is that we keep ID’s during homecoming weekend for as long as you are in the building until around 1 a.m.,” said Westside Hall RA Taryne Ross.

Lisa Lafountaine, an RA in Gerber Hall, says that some of the rules do change during the weekend because of the amount of students and guests are on campus.  Bag checks are implemented to keep students safe.

“If someone’s caught having alcohol and is under 21, they’ll have to dispose of it and will most likely end up having a conduct meeting about breaking the school policy,” said Ross.

She urged that guests have an ID with their birth date and a photo.

Preparing for homecoming can be difficult for RA’s that haven’t experienced it. Ross s felt more prepared for a 9-hour duty since she was an RA last year.

“I didn’t sleep enough this weekend and I am on duty the Thursday before homecoming so that’s 3 nights in a row,” LaFountaine said.

David Montague, an RA at the Forest Hills Apartments said he was prepared for this year’s homecoming with water, snacks, and a great staff.

Jake Davis, an RA in Winchester, explained that he wouldn’t be treating this weekend different than any other one.

Davis wants to remind everyone that RA’s aren’t trying to ruin the fun of homecoming weekend, they’re just here to make sure the process is as easy as possible. Montague added that RA’s can still have some fun by going to the game, visiting friends, and having a good time.

“We are going through this process too and try to work with us the best that you can,” said Ross.

“My last bit of advice is ‘Be safe and have fun.’ Homecoming is a great opportunity to show your school spirit, just remember that as a student you represent our university!,” said LaFountaine.

RA’s were on duty from  6 p.m. until roughly 3 a.m. from Friday to Sunday. On Saturday, they were be on duty starting at 12 p.m.