1960’s Rock and Roll

Ashley Bogdanski

On Tuesday, Apr. 6, Barry Drake came to UNH to give a lecture, “60’s Rock: When the Music Mattered.” Barry Drake has often been called a walking encyclopedia of Rock and Roll. The lecture was very informational with many pictures, video clips, and songs from the 1960’s. Barry Drake went through then ten years that span the 1960’s in the hour and twenty minute lecture. Of course Barry could have gone on for longer, but he gave everyone the basics.

Barry talked about when the Beatles invaded American music for the first time and how American music retaliated with some interesting choices of singers. Also, how the Beatles invaded American music for the second time during the start of the hippy era towards the end of the 60’s. After the lecture was over most people went back to their rooms and played a bunch of music from the 60’s because they didn’t realize how much they actually knew from the era. Barry Drake’s 60’s lecture was amazing and SCOPE did a great job planning this event.