10 Things to Know if You Are Not Into Politics


Myles Brown

What if you don’t pay much attention to politics? Who do you vote for? Why would you

vote for them? For all of you who don’t pay attention to politics here are 10 things you

should know about the election, coming from someone who doesn’t pay attention to


– Hilary sent some emails that, I think, were illegal and may or may not be treason.

– Trump is being accused of sexual assault against multiple women.

– Hilary apparently “was responsible” for four soldiers killed in Benghazi (wherever

that is) and was never brought up on charges.

– Trump still wants to build a wall with Mexico’s money.

– Hilary’s foundation has been accused of having the same donors as ISIS.

– Trump keeps blaming Mexico and China for taking American jobs.

– There are two other people running who no one seems to deem as relevant.

– The three presidential debates were basically a representation of The Hunger

Games, Catching Fire & Mockingjay.

– Apparently, the millennial generation will have a very large impact on the end


– These are two of the most disliked candidates in United States history.

Hopefully this has provided those of you who have not paid much attention these last

few months with some helpful information. Now you know a little bit more than you

would if you were to look at a Facebook headline or from what your friends say.