One last push

We have all made it. With the calendar flipping to May, finals are upon us bringing the welcomed glimpse of summer. It has been an exciting year, not only for our organization but also the university as a whole, but we are ready to spend the summer recharging and enjoying the time to ourselves.

The Charger Bulletin would like to extend gratitude to all of our readers and viewers who continue showing an interest in what is going on at the university. Our goal is to provide trustworthy and accurate reporting on anything happening on and around campus, and seeing people interacting with our content helps push us to become even better. It allows us as an organization to reflect and improve upon our practices. As students who are constantly learning and evolving, this helps us to create a better product each year.

The establishment of the newspaper’s new sections, Campus News and Arts & Life, have allowed us to more accurately label our content and become more university-centric. This will be even more useful in the future as we strive to change our coverage for the better. Justin Coviello, a senior who took on the Campus News Editor role this semester, has set a high standard of reporting for the section. His presence on the staff will be sorely missed, and we can only hope to fill the void that he will leave next semester.

Our news broadcast, Charger Bulletin News, has yet again taken another step forward in its quality and professionalism. It is teaching students the fundamentals of working in a television broadcast, while still providing an excellent product every week. On top of this, the introduction of “Daily Events” provided even more content from the broadcast each week. Producer Andrea Rojas is graduating and leaving the Charger Bulletin this spring, but her contributions will continue to reverberate through the broadcast in the future.

The Horseshoe Magazine has also grown significantly this year, establishing a staff of editors and transforming itself from a thesis project to a legitimate piece of media. It is continuing to trend upwards and is becoming an increasingly important part of the Charger Bulletin each week.

On social media, the Charger Bulletin’s platforms have taken the necessary steps to move towards a more modern and nuanced look. Its growth has been noticeable in just a semester and will become even better using the experiences from this year.

The Charger Bulletin holds itself to the highest journalistic standards every year, despite seeing a revolving door of staff members and contributors. With a year of new experiences, many of which have educated us as a staff, we can prepare for bigger and better things in the future. We encourage all students, regardless of your areas of study or involvement, to use what you have learned this year to make the next even better. If we can come together to improve as an organization, our role as the main source of news on campus will only continue to grow.