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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Positive for Coronavirus. What Happens to Public Gatherings for Entertainment?

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Positive for Coronavirus. What Happens to Public Gatherings for Entertainment?

Tiara Starks, Entertainment Editor

March 16, 2020

The internet learned that Tom Hanks and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, were in pre-production to film for Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis Presley biopic in Australia, according to the entertainment site, Deadline. The actors tested positive for the coronavirus after the two exhibited flu-like symptoms. Hanks took to Instagram to inform hi...

Steven Spielberg Delivers with Bridge of Spies

Tara Dombrowski

October 28, 2015

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are back in the Cold War drama Bridge of Spies. Based on true events, Bridge of Spies follows lawyer James Donovan (Tom Hanks) as he struggles to bring justice to Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), a convicted Soviet spy. When the Soviets capture Francis Gary Powers (Austin St...

Top Five Tom Hanks Movie List

Dylan Rupptrecht

October 23, 2013

It seems redundant to introduce an actor that has drawn so many people into some sort of sentimental state through the art of his acting. Everyone has at least one Tom Hanks movie on their mind that resonates inside of them. In honor of his new movie, Captain Phillips, in which he plays the captain of a commercial ship that has been hijacked by pirates, I have listed my top five Hanks ...

Captain Philips

Dylan Rupptrecht

October 23, 2013

Director Paul Greengrass brings Captain Philips to audiences, the true story of an American cargo ship that was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, casting Tom Hanks as the movie title character. Greengrass is most known for directing the action-thriller Borne trilogy, and his trademark...

Six Plots, Three Directors, One Masterpiece

Cameron Hines

November 14, 2012

Cloud Atlas, based off of David Mitchell’s best-selling novel, arrives with a star-studded cast and an intriguing premise that keeps the viewer constantly engaged in what is transpiring as the film unfolds. Centering on not one, but six storylines all occurring at different time-periods, the film...

Toy Story 3: the Trilogy Ends

Ashley Bogdanski

August 25, 2010

Everyone probably remembers playing with their toys when they were younger, whether it was Barbie dolls or action figures. As we all grow older, we have to face the heartbreaking reality of giving away our old toys. This is the dilemma that Andy has to face with Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys...

‘Single Ladies’ is Tom Hanks’ song of 2009

Brittni DeHart

October 30, 2009

From The Associated Press Tom Hanks is down with the single ladies.Hanks first racked his brain when asked for his favorite tune of 2009 while backstage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 25th anniversary concert Thursday. Then, the song came to him — though he didn't know all the words. "Da...

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