A Professor’s Impact

Samantha Higgins

April 20, 2016

We’ve all had those professors that we hated, the ones who we talked to our friends about nonstop, who made us hate getting up to go to class no matter what time of day the class was. But what about the opposite? What about the professors that were just so great you found yourself looking forward to...

Participating in Participation

Alessia Bicknese

November 11, 2015

It’s eight in the morning, your body is lacking caffeine, you barely changed out of your pajamas, you were up all night studying and now, your professor is penalizing you for not “participating” (BSing) in class. My question to all professors (as well as teachers) out there is this: Why on earth...

The Flawed System of College Rankings: Why are we Giving in?

Elizabeth Field

September 19, 2012

UNH recently announced that according to a recent survey by, we have been ranked among the Top 25 universities nationally. While I understand that any positive press is well, positive press, UNH should not be subscribing to the ebb and flow of college ranking websites and publications....

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