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Steven Spielberg Delivers with Bridge of Spies

Tara Dombrowski

October 28, 2015

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are back in the Cold War drama Bridge of Spies. Based on true events, Bridge of Spies follows lawyer James Donovan (Tom Hanks) as he struggles to bring justice to Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), a convicted Soviet spy. When the Soviets capture Francis Gary Powers (Austin St...

Jurassic Park 3D

Cameron Hines

April 17, 2013

Twenty years ago, Steven Spielberg brought us Jurassic Park, a film that would spark a generation’s love for dinosaurs. Now the film has been brought back to the big screen (as many films have been recently) in glorious, headache-causing 3D. And let me say, it’s a fantastic experience to see the...

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