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Deconstructing taboo topics: Their function in society

Deconstructing taboo topics: Their function in society

Isabelle Hajek and Cam Garden March 30, 2021

Restriction of language and conversation is instrumental in all forms of societal control. Such restrictions range in formality from written sedition laws to socially constructed norms. Taboos are the...

Born Into Poverty and Obesity

Elissa Sanci March 23, 2016

Money controls so many aspects of our lives—including our health. I’ve never given much thought to the existing correlation between poverty and obesity, but it’s there and it’s huge (pun intended). Between...

Why Body Positivity Will Never Be a Thing

Alessia Bicknese February 24, 2016

In today’s society, we are obsessed with “body positivity” and obtaining the perfect “body image” – whatever that is. But the truth is, no one will ever win, nor will we ever know what the...

No One Cares About Your Facebook Status

Kaitlin Mahar October 28, 2015

Our society is based on updating useless information about our lives, like what we ate for lunch and where we shopped. But, nobody cares about that. It’s all infinitely pointless minutiae. When you go...

Tease vs. Sleaze: Why Girls Can’t Win

Kaitlin Mahar October 28, 2015

You meet a guy at a party. He’s cute, seems nice, and you’re both looking to have a good time. But then he suggests you take it a little further and go “somewhere more quiet,” to which you politely...

Trigger Warning: Rape Apology, Child Abuse, Self Harm

Jamie Kirsch October 14, 2015

Something as simple as a trigger warning can be put in place in order to prevent outbreaks of fear. However, America’s ever-changing climate is taking a turn for the worst. These so called “trigger...

Humane Society Donations Stolen

The Charger Bulletin January 28, 2010

Police in Meriden are investigating a break-in and theft at the Meriden Humane Society. Someone broke into the building on Murdock Ave. early Sunday morning and stole a collection box. Only the...

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