The Charger Bulletin

Transforming Hate

Karina Krul December 9, 2015

On Thursday Dec. 3, “Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate” opened at the Seton Art Gallery. “Speaking Volumes” is a seven-year old exhibition that traveled to the University of New Haven from...

The Charger Battery

Patricia Oprea April 16, 2014

Positives: + Congratulations to all who were involved in the annual student art show, Breaking the Grid! Students submitted pieces that were selected by a guest juror; some went on to be displayed in...

Provocative Paintings and Social Standpoints

Patricia Oprea December 5, 2013

Some paintings and artists are predictable. The title of a piece can lead to automatic visualizations of a boat on the ocean water behind a setting sun, just like hundreds of paintings before it. This...

An Evening of Art

Patricia Oprea April 24, 2013

At times it seems that the student art at the University of New Haven doesn’t get enough attention or recognition. And this isn’t speaking solely in terms of visual arts, but also poetry, music, and...

Multi-focus Memoryscapes Reach Beyond Imagination

Patricia Oprea March 13, 2013

Imagination is considered to be the strongest quality needed to create a successful work of art, a piece distinguishable from others. Memory seems just as essential because everyone’s perspective and...

The Gazers; Eyes are the Windows into One’s Soul

Patricia Oprea February 27, 2013

To many students, the Seton Art Gallery is merely known as “that place with the African masks,” but there is so much more to be found in this well-kept secret of the University of New Haven. Some students...

Seton Art Gallery Presents Tough Love Exhibit

Lesha Daley October 24, 2012

Friday night was the premiere of the art exhibit Tough Love, created by longtime friends Cat Balco and Megan Craig. The artists have been friends since they were roommates in college at Yale University....

Inverted Structures at the Seton Art Gallery

Isaak Kifle September 12, 2012

The Seton Art Gallery, located in Dodds Hall, hosts a number of exhibitions every year that may feature the work of students and faculty, as well as emerging artists outside of the university community. Through...

Emergence Delirium: Art, Music, and Motion

Isaak Kifle February 1, 2012

Artists are always finding new and different ways to approach art and cross over the boundaries separating different mediums, methods, and styles of artwork. Whether creating artwork out of musical...

Innovation Incubator: Deployable Healthcare Platform

Isaak Kifle October 26, 2011

For its second exhibit of the academic year, the Seton Art Gallery in Dodds brought in an artist to work with a group of UNH students and lead a charette, which is a period of collaboration between artists...

Loss Generation: Reproducing Experience and Phenomena

Isaak Kifle March 2, 2011

For its second exhibition of the semester, the Seton Art Gallery in Dodds decided to do a little exploration into the mind. Loss Generation, a play on the technical phrase "generation loss" and the historical...

Declarative Material: Mundane Art

Isaak Kifle February 9, 2011

You’ve likely heard about or seen art that seems a bit out there. Artists can create art from any kind of material, image, or  theme. More importantly, they’re willing to do so, resulting in exhibits...

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