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Palin’s TV Series a Stage for Political Future?

The Associated Press

November 17, 2010

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – "Sarah Palin’s Alaska" portrays the show’s heroine as an adventure-loving wife and mother enjoying a whirlwind of activities amid spectacular settings in her home state. There are no overt clues to her future political ambitions. However, throughout the first episode of the...

Sarah Palin Testifies Against Hacker

Liz De La Torre

April 28, 2010

For what it’s worth, American politician Sarah Palin is back in the news. Whether it’s the hockey mom’s take on dinosaurs living with humans 4,000 years ago or Russia being “our next door neighbor,” there is never a dull moment with the large conundrum that is Sarah Palin. Still fending attacks...

Palin set to take stand in Tenn. hacking trial

Liz De La Torre

April 20, 2010

From The Associated Press KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Jurors in the trial of a former college student charged with hacking Sarah Palin's e-mail account in 2008 heard testimony Tuesday that the accused man didn't believe in what Palin wanted to do when she was the Republican vice presidential candidate. Palin...

Palin to tea party rally: Don’t sit down, shut up

Liz De La Torre

March 27, 2010

From The Associated Press SEARCHLIGHT, Nev. – Sarah Palin told thousands of tea party activists assembled in the dusty Nevada desert Saturday that Sen. Harry Reid will have to explain his votes when he comes back to his hometown to campaign. The wind whipped U.S. flags behind the former Alaska...

Palin for President in 2012?

Matt DiGiovanni

February 17, 2010

For around a year now, the United States has been under the control of President Barack Obama, and feelings are mixed with regards to how well or how poorly he is doing. Sarah Palin, as a regular contributor for Fox News, has been stepping back into the U.S. political stage since running for Vice President,...

Cheney Mum on Supporting Palin in Next Election

The Associated Press

February 17, 2010

WASHINGTON – Former Vice President Dick Cheney says he has not decided on a candidate to support for president in the next election, sidestepping a question on whether he would support Sarah Palin for the office. Cheney declined to throw his support behind Palin when asked Sunday on ABC's This Week...

Sarah Palin assails Obama at ‘tea party’ gathering

Liz De La Torre

February 7, 2010

From The Associated Press NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Sarah Palin, in a speech that was short on ideas but big on enthusiasm, took aim at President Barack Obama and the Democrats, telling a gathering of "tea party" activists that America is ripe for another revolution. Noting his party's dismal showing...

McCain strategist defends Palin as 2008 VP choice

Liz De La Torre

October 15, 2009

From The Associated Press LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A top adviser from John McCain's presidential campaign who has criticized Sarah Palin's odds as a 2012 presidential candidate defended Wednesday the decision to pick her as McCain's 2008 running mate. Steve Schmidt, who was chief strategist for t...

The Change We Certainly Do Not Need

Zack Rosen

September 4, 2008

According to the US Census, Wasilla, Alaska is home to less than 5,500 residents and less than 2,000 homes. Less than 0.70% of the population is black, and over 35% of the population don't even work in the city. The mayor of this small town for a short time was Sarah Palin, who was just recently announced...

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