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The Charger Bulletin

November 18, 2015

In a sea of strangers you’ve longed to know me Your life spent sailing to my shores The arms that yearn to someday hold me Will ache beneath the heavy oars Please take your time and take it slowly As all you do will run its course And nothing else can take what only Was always meant as solely...

I’m a band geek and proud of it!

Ashley Winward

October 8, 2014

Band Geek. A stereotype that has been passed down the high school food chain for generations. While some consider the stigma to be negative, those who have devoted their life to the band wear it with pride. I’ve been in marching band for nearly a decade and of all the reasons, moments and experiences,...

People, Hell & Angels

Cameron Hines

April 3, 2013

After being dead for 43 years, Jimi Hendrix has risen from the grave to make his album titled People, Hell & Angels. Before you go calling the Ghostbusters, you should know that the tracks on this album were written before Hendrix’s death and that this is the fourth release under the Experience...

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