The Charger Bulletin

Top 5 CGI Characters

Ben Atwater April 20, 2016

In the modern age, visual effects often drive the allure of films to transcend normal fare to spectacle. Now, any visual effects artist can animate a green screen background. This is often done too much,...

A Monster Mash is Brewing

Ben Atwater September 16, 2015

The age of giant monster films is finally returning, starting with Pacific Rim in 2013. 2014 brought Godzilla, and 2015 brought Jurassic World. All three films have been very profitable, and it now looks...

Weekly Roundup

Ben Atwater April 20, 2015

This week leaves us with trailers galore. A new trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road was released, showing even more beautifully rendered car chases against a post-apocalyptic sandstorm. Also released was...

Godzilla Review

Scott Iwaniec July 16, 2014

With Pacific Rim proving to be an overall success, it’s no wonder why Warner Bros. would invest in yet another giant monster movie. This time, they decided to invest in the cinematic icon of Godzilla. Immediately,...

Hit the Ground Running: Quick News Worth the Mention

Scott Iwaniec January 29, 2014

Spider-man: The Amazing Spider-man 2 may be subtitled: The Rise of Electro. Sony pictures also said they want to create a "Spidey" cinematic world similar to Marvel. Some understand this as a hint towards...

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