FDA Revisits Safety of Newer Birth Controls

Elizabeth Field

December 14, 2011

Filed under Science

The FDA is taking another look at popular birth control drugs such as Yaz, which previously boasted clearing up acne and having fewer side effects. Research suggests that newer birth control pills are more likely to cause blood clots than older formulations, prompting the Food and Drug Administration...

Artificial Dye Deemed Safe by FDA

Melanie Rovinsky

April 20, 2011

Filed under Features, Health and Fitness

A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel, which met to consider placing warning labels on foods containing artificial dyes, determined at the end of March that these colorings were safe to eat. The FDA board convened following scientist discoveries that while artificial dyes may not harm typical...

FDA Restrics Fat-Melting Injections

Melanie Rovinsky

April 21, 2010

Filed under Science

The Food and Drug Administration is placing restrictions on fat-reducing injections that are administered in spas across the United States. According to an FDA statement last week, the drugs have not yet been cleared by federal scientists, and therefore, are going against the law. Lipodissolve injections...

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