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Chinese New Year Postponed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Chinese New Year Postponed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Kelly Adkins, Contributing Writer

February 4, 2020

On Jan. 29, students received an email that said the Chinese New Year Celebration—originally scheduled for Jan. 31—was postponed because of the recent coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China. The coronavirus is spread from animal hosts and is new, which means this strain has never been...

Celebrating the New Year

Celebrating the New Year

Wendy Zheng, Contributing Writer

February 6, 2019

With the Chinese New Year starting on Tuesday Feb. 5, here are some things you need to know before celebrating. This year in the Lunar calendar In the traditional lunar calendar, 2019 is the year of pig. The first day starts on Feb. 5, and Feb. 4 will be the New Year’s Eve. The Chin...

Chinese New Year in the Limelight

Patricia Oprea

February 24, 2016

In the United States, the New Year is always celebrated on Jan. 1, but this is not the case in all countries, like those of the East. In China, this year began Feb. 8, and marks the start of the year 4714. Chinese New Year is a fifteen-day celebration, changing yearly based on the lunar calendar. On...

Did You Know? – Chinese New Year

Joann Wolwowicz

February 17, 2010

The Chinese calendar is different from the normal calendar used today. Like the Jewish and Islamic calendars, it is a lunar calendar and is divided into twelve months of either twenty-nine or thirty days. The calendar is synchronized with the solar year by the addition of extra months at fixed intervals....

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