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The Boy and The Beast: A Review

Hector Ramirez II

March 30, 2016

After his mother’s death, no news of his father’s whereabouts and refusing to live with his legal guardians, young Ren runs away from home to the streets of Shibuya filled with hatred and loneliness. Every day is a struggle to survive for Ren in The Boy and The Beast. In the peaceful Jutengai, or Beast ...

A Tenacious Rabbit and a Clever Fox

Hector Ramirez II

March 9, 2016

It takes a unique film to be completely enjoyable, while speaking on serious issues that have plagued our society. Zootopia is the latest film from Walt Disney Animation Studios which showcases the humor and charm of a Disney movie we all know and love. But if you thought this was just another Disney m...

The Good Dinosaur Review: A Dinosaur and His Boy

Hector Ramirez II

December 9, 2015

The Good Dinosaur is Disney Pixar’s latest film that asks, “What if the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs missed Earth?” From there, The Good Dinosaur tells a story I never expected from a dinosaur movie, but, knowing Pixar’s track record, I’m not all that surprised. Still, there is a unique...

Disney Short Films Collection Comes to Blu-ray

Hector Ramirez II

September 9, 2015

If there was one characteristic to describe any Disney short film, it would be creative. Walt Disney’s legacy was founded on short cartoons with everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey Mouse, so it’s only natural that Walt Disney Animation Studios keeps this tradition of creative shorts alive. ...

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