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Connecticut’s First Cat Café Opens in New Haven

Connecticut's First Cat Café Opens in New Haven

Glenn Rohrbacker, Editor in Chief

December 4, 2017

Angela and Michael Pullo had three things in mind when opening their business: cats, coffee, and community. The couple opened Mew Haven Cat Café, the first of its kind in Connecticut, to accomplish those goals. On Whalley Ave. in New Haven’s Westville neighborhood, passersby can see furry felin...

Wild Boar

Maideline Sanchez

September 15, 2010

Wild boars reside mostly in Northern Europe, Central Europe, and the Mediterranean Region, including Africa’s Atlas Mountains. For the purpose of hunting, wild boars have been artificially introduced into the Americas and some parts of Australia. They are noted for having larger heads in proportion...

Animal Awareness Tip – The Alligator

Maideline Sanchez

March 10, 2010

Alligators have been known to exist for 200 million years, since the ages of reptiles. There are currently two well known types: American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) and Chinese Alligators (Alligator sinsensis). The species name originates from the Spanish term “el lagarto” which means...

Animal Awareness Tip – Toco Toucan

Maideline Sanchez

February 17, 2010

Toco Toucans are by far the largest birds in the toucan family, containing massive hollow multicolored bills. They mostly reside in Central and South America. The airy, honeycombed, bone structure allows them to easily carry weight while they maneuver their heads around to catch their prey or collect...

Humane Society Donations Stolen

The Charger Bulletin

January 28, 2010

Police in Meriden are investigating a break-in and theft at the Meriden Humane Society. Someone broke into the building on Murdock Ave. early Sunday morning and stole a collection box. Only the donations were taken. None of the animals were hurt. The box was one of those larger plastic bins where coins spin around and bou...

4-legged animals emerged earlier than thought

Maideline Sanchez

January 8, 2010

From the Associated Press LONDON - The water-dwelling ancestors of modern-day mammals, reptiles and birds emerged onto land millions of years earlier than previously believed, researchers reported. A set of fossilized footprints show that the first tetrapods — a term applied to any four-footed...

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