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Animal Awareness Tip

Maideline Sanchez November 10, 2010

Zebra Zebras are situated in Africa and are notable for their distinctive black and white stripes that are unique to each individual. The white stripes are typically vertical, beginning from the head...

Wild Boar

Maideline Sanchez September 15, 2010

Wild boars reside mostly in Northern Europe, Central Europe, and the Mediterranean Region, including Africa’s Atlas Mountains. For the purpose of hunting, wild boars have been artificially introduced...

Animal Awareness Tip

Maideline Sanchez February 3, 2010

Most common skunks found in the United States, Canada, and South America have black and white fur and are divided into 3 different genera. Mephitis are hooded and striped, Spilogale are spotted, and Conepatus...

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