World’s Tallest Building Closes

Michael Kelly

On Feb. 8, 2010 one of the tallest buildings in the world was forced to close only after a month. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai has been closed off to the public. Engineers of the building said that electrical problems have been ruled as part of the blame on the viewing deck. The owners of the building said they are not sure whether or not the rest of the building is dealing with the same issues.

According to the Associated Press Reports, the building has office buildings, apartments, and a hotel of 12,000 tenants and office workers. There were subcontractors working on the issues at hand when the technical issues about the power supply were brought forward. The builders are committed to the highest quality in standards. The owner said it is unclear if the building will reopen or if the tickets will be refunded to the customers.

The shutdown comes at a bad time for Dubai. The city is currently facing a slump in tourist activity and they hope to reopen the building soon.