Why Smallpools Will Take Over the New Year

Ashley Winward

When you know, it’s unmistakable. You get this warm and fuzzy feeling all over, your legs start itching to dance along with the beat; you want to hum along even though you don’t know the melody yet. Sometimes you just find a new band and there’s no denying that success is in their future; Smallpools is most certainly one of those groups

From the moment I heard my brother listening to their Have a Great Summer EP, which released in July of this past summer, I was positively, absolutely, 110% hooked. Anybody who is looking for a new addition to their workout playlist, an up and coming indie-pop band, or just some really good vibes, look no further than these guys.

Smallpools is an LA based band, however the group has close ties to the East Coast; singer Sean Scanlon is from Verplanck, NY, while guitarist Mike Kamerman hails from Marlboro, NJ.

Debuting in a trendy bowling alley/concert venue in Brooklyn (seriously look up Brooklyn Bowl), they almost immediately were picked up to open for Aussie group, San Cisco, and released their EP, Have a Great Summer.

In less than six months they have toured supporting big names such as Two Door Cinema Club, Walk the Moon, Twenty One Pilots, and will soon be headed out with Grouplove and MS MR. Their fast rise was sent into overdrive when their music started being picked up by TV and video games; you might have heard them on commercials for Snapchat, shows such as The Vampire Diaries or American Idol, and on the soundtrack for FIFA 2014. It’s their infectious pop melodies that have crowds flocking from all over and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

“The most interesting melody over the most feel-good chord progression possible,” was how lead singer Scanlon explained their songwriting approach to billboard.com. It’s really the chord progressions in their songs that had me smitten in the first place. Their first single “Dreaming” has everything you could ever want in a great pop song. Opening with bright synth chords and a solid groove, the lyrics tell a story of hard fought love that most can relate to. Scanlon’s vocals are reminiscent of Passion Pit’s, Michael Angelakos, though with less of a modulated tone….love it!

“Over and Over” details a night of letting loose after a hard day at work, while “No Story Time” gets me with its upbeat tempo and leaves me wanting to sing along every time. My favorite off the EP would have to be “Mason Jar,” because it has all the best elements of their songs rolled into one. I had the honor of watching them open for Twenty One Pilots last month and this song gave me legitimate chills. The energy they bring through their music comes through tenfold in their live show. They’ve been trying out some of their new music at recent shows and they’re planning for a new album to come out this year.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I’m going to let the music speak for itself. Checkout Smallpools on Facebook and listen to their Have a Great Summer EP I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!