Virtual Reality…Isn’t Very Virtual

Zack Rosen

I’m not a huge gamer. Sure, I enjoy my time with some Zelda and Super Mario Kart…but I can go months without touching a PS3 controller.

Zack Rosen - Editor-In-Chief

Some people are quite the opposite, and can’t go a day without playing a video game. But whatever, people are people and it’s just not something that I’m into.

That said, there are some people who have no idea what the concept of reality is, and they create their own within a virtual reality setting.

Seoul, South Korea: a couple was arrested by police because their toddler died while they were raising a virtual child online. The biggest problem? The couple’s house didn’t burn down, there was no flood…the child starved to death.

Between marathon stretches in a local internet café, the couple fed their 3-month-old daughter only once per day while they were raising a virtual child.

Maybe the parents were stupid – it’s certainly a possibility, just read my editorial from last week. Afterall, caring for a young girl with mysterious powers who grows and increases her skills as the game Prius Online progresses is totally more important than that little three-month-old pooping machine.

Oh, but don’t worry! Everything’s okay! The father apologized. “I wish that she hadn’t got sick and that she will live well in heaven forever. And as the father, I am sorry,” he said.

According to police, the couple had lost their jobs and used the 3-D game as an escape from reality. News flash, the reality is you murdered your baby.

The fact that people are blaming the internet on this, such as author Michael Breen saying that “the internet has provided such people with a paradise to escape to and simply get lost in,” is complete ludacris.

I have the feeling that the toddler didn’t do what the virtual baby did – you know, have mysterious powers. And for the parents and their inane explanation that they needed to escape reality, I hope they enjoy the rest of their life in a South Korean prison. Oh, and I’m talking about those real prisons with bars and guards, not those virtual-reality-I-can-use-my-superpowers-to-break-down-this-wall prisons.