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Venus vs. Mars in Dodds Theatre

Courtney Faber

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Battle of the Sexes this past Saturday night was an intense game of wits and strength that placed males against females…well okay maybe not intense but entertaining to say the least. The game started off with questions worth 300 points each and as they got harder, the point value increased to a maximum of 1000 points. All the questions were challenging and interesting bits of information. One question asked was “Who stated ‘I’m the President of the United States and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli’?”  In case you didn’t know the answer is George H.W. Bush.

For every question contestants got correct, points were awarded to them and for every question they got wrong, points were taken away. In between rounds, physical challenges were performed setting a pair of females against a pair of males. The first physical challenge had the pairs attempting to put a pillowcase on a pillow while wearing boxing gloves. The next challenge was having the contestants eat a Twinkie off of a plate without using their hands. Surprisingly, the girls won this challenge. Other challenges included tossing junior mints at your partner and having them catch as many as they could in their mouth, and seeing which pair could pull on pantyhose the fastest without ripping them. For the pantyhose challenge, the boys almost won, but the girls beat them at the last moment. For every challenge, each person from the winning team was awarded a $10 Target gift card.

Once all the questions and physical challenges were completed, the winners were crowned. The boys managed to win the title of champions as they completed the question rounds with more points than the girls. The person with the most correct answers throughout the game was Danielle Gorka, who won a great prize of $100 in Target gift cards. The Battle of the Sexes was a fun and challenging way of setting males against females in a creative manner. It was a great night full of lots of laughs and awesome prizes.

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Venus vs. Mars in Dodds Theatre