Valentine’s Day Playlist!

Cam Garden, Contributing Writer

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the pressure of planning the “perfect date” and orchestrating perfect memories are looming large. However, the quintessential date includes a quick playlist. Here are the best songs to put in your Valentine’s Day playlist:

1. “U Move, I Move” – John Legend, Jhene Aiko

Moving away from his iconic love song “All of Me,” this track from Legend’s most recent album provides a soulful melody about the intimacy of loving someone else. Accompanied by R&B vocalist Jhene Aiko, both sing a powerful, yet passionate ballad with a chorus that is easy to sing along to by your second listen.

2. “Lover [Remix]” – Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes

This song by Taylor Swift is quite different when compared to her notable break up and heartbreak songs. Featuring Shawn Mendes, the harmonies create a tender and loving atmosphere. This song will certainly have you and your significant other slow dancing around a kitchen.

3. “No One” – Alicia Keys

The classic hit “No One” is a simple but adoring expression of an uncontainable love. Overall, this song is incredibly versatile. Easy to sing along to, dance to or even just exist together while the song plays in the background.

4. “Cosmic Love” – Florence + The Machine

Though this is a lesser-known indie-pop song, it is definitely a hidden gem for those who haven’t heard it yet. With an upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, this song serves as the perfect expression of passion for another person. Definitely worth a full listen if not an immediate add to your playlist.

5. “Dumb Stuff” – LANY

Although it has few lyrics, the sentiment remains powerful. This song by LANY expresses the more mundane and simple side of a loving relationship. It quite literally shows love for the ‘dumb stuff’ in any relationship; the ‘stuff’ that almost always ends up being the most important.

6. “I Was Made For Loving You” – Tori Kelly, Ed Sheeran

Slowing the pace down a bit, this ballad performed by Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran contains an incredibly raw emotion and admission of finding pure love. As stated in the title, she explores the love described by soulmates and being created to share a perfect love with the perfect person.

7. “Simply The Best” – Noah Reid

A personal favorite of mine and probably of anyone who has watched Netflix’s “Schitt’s Creek.” This rendition of Tina Turner’s 1989 hit provides an acoustic and delicate expression of love.

8. “Stand By Me” – Ben E. King

This song belongs on every romantic playlist that has ever been and will ever be made. The classic song takes on love in a less direct way, expressing the importance of being with the one you love. Almost everyone knows this song, making it easy to sing along to and at the very least hum along.

9. “At Last” – Etta James

Another classic love song. This song puts longing and peace all into a perfect, clean-cut 3-minute song tied together with James’ beautiful vocals. A must-have for the ideal Valentine’s Day playlist.

10. “Beyond” – Leon Bridges

Lastly, Beyond serves as the perfect song to end the night. If “Lover” didn’t get you dancing, this song surely will. Every word flows like velvet, carried by a simple R&B melody.