USGA President’s Corner

Patrick Kelland

Fellow UNH students,

I hope you all enjoyed another great weekend here at the University. Spring is getting closer and closer. Traditionally in the middle of each spring, the elections of next year’s USGA President, Treasurer, and Senators takes place.

Applications are currently open online for each of those positions. The applications can be found in the forms section of the USGA page on Charger Connection. If you are interested in being a Media Head for SCOPE, the Chariot Yearbook or the Charger Bulletin, applications for Media Heads are also open at this time.

Keep an eye out for any other announcements that will be distributed via e-mail and through Charger Connection for upcoming events. Keep working hard and brace yourselves for midterms as they are approaching fast!

As always my door is always open,

Patrick Kelland