USGA President’s Corner

Patrick Kelland

Fellow UNH students,

Hopefully this finds you well following what some of us may consider the largest snow storm of our lives. I trust you all were able to both enjoy as much of the time off as possible, and use the days productively so to get ahead on schoolwork for this semester.

The semester is starting to speed up, and the work will surely start piling on as the days of syllabus reviews are over and we delve deeper into the specific material of our courses. With that, be sure to take some time and appreciate the winter season around us. Walk around campus and take a break from studying.

Be sure to venture out and meet new people; plenty of organizations have numerous events planned for this semester. This week brings Recruitment Week for our Greek Organizations as they host events each night to bring in new members to their ranks.

In USGA news, many of you probably saw the vote that went out on whether or not the Pledge of Allegiance should be included in the USGA agenda for recitation at our weekly meetings. With all of the ballots cast and collected, the Pledge of Allegiance will be included for individuals to recite at their discretion at the start of our meetings.


Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

Patrick Kelland