USGA President’s Corner

Patrick Kelland

Finals are right around the corner, but so is winter break! December is here and another week of classes has come and gone. This past weekend has proved to be an immensely successful one for our women’s volleyball team. After seizing the Northeast 10 Conference title and winning the NCAA East Region Championship Saturday night, the team has moved on to the Elite Eight

Congratulations to all of the ladies on the volleyball team as they have had a great season. The men’s football team also had a very successful season, clenched the Northeast 10 Conference title and performed greatly in the playoffs. Congratulations to them for a great season that kept fans at the edge of their seats many a game.

As finals are creeping up on us faster and faster, be sure you have begun to prepare. A semester of hard work can be altered by a lousy final test grade, so be sure to study hard. If you have any questions for your professors, consult them in their office hours or send them an e-mail. Course evaluations have also been sent out, so ensure you complete these in the most professional manner—they really do count.

As for USGA, next semester our meetings will be held on Wednesday afternoons at 1:45 p.m., so if you’ve ever been curious about what it is we actually do, stop by then to let your voice be heard!


Go Chargers!

Patrick Kelland