USGA President’s Corner

Patrick Kelland

Hello everyone,


Over the past two weeks, big things have been happening here at University of New Haven. In the wake of an awesome Homecoming Weekend and football game that left our Chargers yet again undefeated, our region of the country was hit hard by one of the most powerful storms in recent history.

“Superstorm Sandy,” as the storm is dubbed, wreaked havoc on the tri-state area as a whole. It is times like these that communities like the one we have here at University of New Haven come together and strengthen its ties, realizing how close we all are. To any student, alum, faculty or staff member affected by this storm, you and your families have surely been on my mind over the past week.

As we enter November, another major event is occurring: the 2012 presidential election. Upon receiving this article, you probably already know the victor. Keep in mind that the simple act of voting is an easy way to exert your rights and freedoms, something many others across the globe do not get a chance to do.

Maybe you have followed the election trail, maybe you have not. Either way, once the results have come out, do some reading or watch the news. See how the outcome will affect you. Being civically engaged is in fact an easier action than some may think.

In addition to the presidential election, November brings the last days of classes leading up to final exams and plenty of enjoyable holidays. In the frenzy of all the activity, be sure to stay on point and get all of your work done. Accomplishing all of your tasks each week will feel as though you are fitting ten pounds in a five pound bag, but ultimately any pressure that comes with the end of the fall semester will be alleviated if you stay on top of your work.


Keep up the good work!

Patrick Kelland