USGA President’s Corner

Patrick Kelland

Hello everyone,

Our second week of October is successfully wrapping up, and fall is in the air! Be sure to enjoy this great weather and try to take the chance to travel to some of the surrounding areas where there are many great sight-seeing spots for the changing leaves. Many will argue that New England has some of the best views in the fall season. Midterms are slowly approaching, and it is hard to believe that the fall semester is nearly half over. Where did the time go? Who knows…

This past weekend was the USGA Retreat to Providence, where members of the USGA had the chance to collaborate together and discuss ideas to better the USGA and the student body. Sunday was also our annual Midnight Madness event that draws students to North Campus to kick off the basketball season. As the fall season continues to progress, be sure to continue to support our athletic teams at their competitive events. Stop and chat with one of our athletes and ask them how their season is going. A word of advice for any reader of The Charger Bulletin: do your best not to procrastinate. As tempting as it is, you will only end up worse off than you were had you done your work when you needed to.

“The road to nowhere is paved by good intentions.” This is a great quote to live by and keeping it in mind can help a great deal, especially as our semesters get busier and busier.

Stay on the lookout for publicity for our upcoming Homecoming Game and the Bartels Fellowship Lecture, as these events are traditions that our campus holds as some of our best.

That’s all for now, and be on the lookout for next week’s editorial!



Patrick Kelland

USGA President

[email protected]