USGA Committee Raises Money for Make-A-Wish

The Charger Bulletin

WEST HAVEN–On Friday, Mar. 27 the USGA Sports Committee chaired by Margaret Girard sponsored an event called Charger Chaos. The event was held in conjunction with the Athletics Department and their efforts to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The event consisted of three separate tournaments: basketball, volleyball and floor hockey. Students could get together and make up teams to compete in whichever events they wanted. All of the proceeds from team registration and from a giveaway went to the foundation.

Teams ranged from rag-tag groups with little or no athletic experience to members of actual teams here on campus. Thankfully, all of the teams were just out to have some fun and raise money for charity.

The event raised over $500.00 for the foundation. Every participant received a t-shirt which added to the camaraderie among the competitors taking part in the event. Charger Chaos essentially took over the recreation center and curious students stopped into the gymnasium to see what was going on and to also donate to the foundation.

Overall, the event was a huge success. The USGA Sports Committee did a wonderful job planning and executing this event. They worked extremely hard to plan an event that would benefit both a wonderful organization and the student body.  They succeeded.