Use the Force, Mickey

Cameron Hines

Jar Jar. Prequels. Midi-Chlorians. All of these phrases are triggers to incite a riot from a hardcore Star Wars fan. Now, a new word has been added to the list: Disney.

For those of you not caught up, George Lucas sold all of Lucasfilms operating business, including Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound, to Disney. What does this mean? Disney now owns the rights to Star Wars.

As a result, Disney has announced the arrival of the 7th installment to the franchise to be released in 2015. While this move has made many happy, some Star Wars fans are infuriated by the deal. Here’s why Disney buying Lucasfilms is good news for the Star Wars franchise.

Fun fact: what do Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel Comics all have in common? They are all owned by Disney. While many fans are taking the route of saying Disney will make the films childish and dumbed down, did you see Mickey Mouse fighting alongside the Avengers this summer?

Did Donald Duck show up in Toy Story 3? No, that’s ridiculous. Just because Disney is infamous for their appeal to children, it doesn’t mean that’s all the company is interested in. If anything, it seems that it’s the opposite, as in the past few years we have seen more films that stray from a stereotypical “Disney” film.

Disney respects their creators and doesn’t interfere with their projects. If that was the case, the Avengers would have been a completely different film. But it wasn’t, because Disney sat back and supported Joss Whedon instead of meddling with his vision. The bottom line: whoever ends up directing Episode VII will be able to create a film that appeals to all ages, and make it the way they envision it.

Now here’s the reason to be excited: Star Wars is a legendary franchise, and directors would fight for the ability to direct it. Being able to direct Episode VII would be a dream come true for any director, and Disney will have no trouble assembling a dream team to make this film. In fact, they have already hired Michael Arndt to write the screenplay (Arndt has also written Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine). Actors, directors and anyone else in Hollywood will all be fighting for a chance to be involved in Episode VII.

Lastly, let’s not kid ourselves folks; Lucas hasn’t exactly done the franchise justice recently. Why, even the best of the saga (Episode V) wasn’t directed by him. Yes, Lucas created Star Wars. However, he is not solely responsible for its success and whether it will be good. With the lukewarm quality of the prequels, a new director and story may be exactly what the franchise needs to feel fresh and re-kindle the Star Wars love.

So sit down geeks, take a few chill pills, and take some deep breaths. The Star Wars franchise is in good hands, and you have nothing to worry about. Calm down; keep telling yourself that Mickey won’t be in the new movie, and that Disney will make everything alright.