UNH Student Named RAW Brooklyn’s Photographer of the Year

The Charger Bulletin

By: Erica Naugle

This past November, University of New Haven student Callan Kapush was named RAW Brooklyn’s Photographer of the Year.

Photo Provided by Callan Kapush
Photo Provided by Callan Kapush

The RAWards is a competition that presents the opportunity for the artists competing to showcase their work and get their name out. This year, the 15,000 individuals that competed will be narrowed down to nine overall winners in their respective categories including: visual arts, fashion, music, film, performing art, photography, hair, make up, and accessories.

Kapush, UNH junior, was selected to the top three semi-finalists and showcased her work at the Brooklyn Semi-Final RAWards Live show. There she was announced RAW Brooklyn’s Photographer of the Year and will move on to the National RAWards.

Kapush is inspired by everything she does, from a walk in the park, to a day at the mall. She also enjoys looking at the work of other individuals.

“Lately I’ve been finding inspiration by some of my favorite music,” Kapush said. “I’m currently in the middle of my ‘Inspired by Relient K’ series where I take photos inspired by specific songs of theirs.”

By choosing to compete, Kapush has already earned a number of opportunities approaching in 2014.


“I’m going to be shooting a look book for Unraveled Artists, and hopefully will be setting up studio time with Mica Studios.”

This opportunity has been a way for Kapush to connect with other artists in her area and increase her self-confidence as a photographer.

“I never thought I was going to win, honestly. I was up against people who do photography professionally. Their photos were beautiful! It’s really given me the confidence to keep going and to keep on doing what I love to do!”

As RAW Brooklyn’s Photographer of the Year, Kapush wishes to continue her work and hopes to reach out to others. “I want someone to look at my pictures and be able to feel the emotion I was feeling at that time.”

To aspiring photographers, Kapush encourages, “Just keep shooting! When I look back at my photographs I can pick out specific ones that almost made me stop doing photography. If I didn’t push forward and keep shooting, I wouldn’t be where I am today!”

Kapush is thankful for the experience presented by this opportunity and looks forward to good things that are to come. Kapush’s RAW artist profile can be found at http://www.rawartists.org/callanloves.