UNH Launches Charger Challenge

Riley Knebes

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On Monday, April 18th, the University of New Haven launched its $100 million fundraising campaign, the Charger Challenge. This campaign will end in 2020 to top off the University’s 100-year anniversary.

The goal of $100 million was first approved in 2012 by the UNH Board of Governors. UNH has reached nearly the halfway mark by raising $49 million thus far. $35 million is planned to be put toward endowment, $35 million toward capital projects and facilities, and $30 million toward current use and program investments.

“This bold initiative will celebrate our proud history and the people who helped make us a great university.  Most importantly, though, we will be raising funds to invest in our students, the world’s next leaders, innovators and problem solvers,” President Kaplan said.

One of the many challenges within the Charger Challenge is to create an “Innovation Center;” this building will serve as a place for students to work on projects and take full advantage of the experiential learning environment that UNH aims to provide its students.

Among the many dreams for the growth of the University is to provide opportunity in the form of scholarships in order to make attending UNH a realistic goal for students. As of right now, over 85 percent of undergraduate students are given some type of financial aid from the University.

Equipping students with the best technology, programs, and faculty is also another goal from the $100 million fundraiser. Various programs, including the engineering and business programs, are growing rapidly and require support. With the right resources, UNH can continue to feed the growth of these programs.

The Charger Challenge is bringing a new focus on those who have participated in the improvement of UNH. Part of the Charger Challenge website is a feature which aims to tell the stories of students, faculty, staff, and alumni called “100 Stories for 100 Years.” It is ultimately a celebration of those who have contributed to what UNH has become and is to be in the future.

Although the purpose of the Charger Challenge is to fundraise, there are other ways to give back to the University. Alumni are encouraged to participate in programs and events, connect with current students, and volunteer for various projects hosted by UNH.

“With the support of those who take pride in our achievements and share our belief that the University of New Haven’s brightest days lie yet ahead, I am confident we will succeed,” said Kaplan.

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UNH Launches Charger Challenge