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Feminist Feminine Products

Liesje Powers

Liesje Powers

Alessia Bicknese, Opinion and Editorial Editor

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I’m no hardcore, staunch, devout feminist. I know – how could I possibly be a real woman if I’m not a diehard feminist. I’m such a disappointment to society, yada, yada – at least I know what people think. It’s not that I don’t believe men and women deserve equal rights and all that. It’s just that to me, “feminists” have drastically changed the meaning of feminism overtime.

In simplest terms, feminism is the advocacy of equality of the sexes, which I agree with. There are still some women out there who agree with the original meaning – equal rights for men and women. However, there are one too many women today who believe feminism is women over men, which I do not agree with, or care to talk about. It’s not their fault – they literally just think that’s the meaning of feminism. My last thought on the topic: if feminism is the want for equal rights amongst men and women, it should be called Human Equality, or something along those lines, promoting equality for all humans.

Anyway, that’s the most I’ll ever speak out on my thoughts regarding feminism, mainly to spare my fragile heart from the punishing, cold, spiteful, vicious responses I’ll receive concerning my unwomanly ways of thinking. Tragic.

An issue that I’ve noticed feminists tend to talk about is the price of feminine products – something that women actually need. While I do agree with the inconvenient prices of tampons, I don’t care to see women purposely wearing white leggings while menstruating (not using a feminine product) in order to create some kind of movement. I don’t think a woman on her period should be an awkward or embarrassing thing, but I also don’t think that it’s necessary to purposely leak to make a statement.

I remember in high school girls were so embarrassed to go to the bathroom to do their business. If we were lucky to be wearing boots that day, we would slip a sanitary napkin in our shoe, extremely sneakily, and make our way to the bathroom, hoping and praying that no one just saw what happened. That’s something that needs to end.

Women shouldn’t be embarrassed to have to go to the bathroom to take care of themselves. It’s not our fault we get our period – something some men may need to realize. It isn’t gross, it’s not unnatural, but it is human. Maybe I’m secretly a feminist, who knows, but periods are not a woman’s burden!

These ideas all came to my mind when I noticed that every time I’m in a bathroom on campus, the dispenser for tampons and pads are empty. Not only do they cost 25 cents, which personally, I never carry around loose change – not sure who does, but also, they are never refilled.

Menstruation can begin suddenly, and if we didn’t prepare for it, then we probably don’t have a feminine product, and definitely don’t have 25 cents. Here’s an idea: with the spare money this school has that we often use on – actually I’m not sure where all the money goes – why don’t we make sure that the bathrooms are always stocked with free feminine products, like they do in public wedding venues and hotels, with little snacks as well.
What? We get hungry, too, when we’re on our period.

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Feminist Feminine Products