The Moment


Stefano Bicknese, Contributing Writer

Have you ever walked into a room and locked eyes with a person, and at that exact point in time, nothing else in the universe exists? Just you and that person, smiling, as if you are the only two people on the planet; fully engaged in each other and not worried about anything else. Well, I have.

With over 7.6 billion people on this planet, how can you decide who is right for you? How can you think that this person is the one? For those of you thinking this, I have the answers for you. It is the moments you look back on and smile and realize that this person is special.  

The moment. Everyone has  one moment in their mind where they say, “Wow, I love her/him.” My moment is when I looked up across from me and saw this blonde-haired, beautiful girl with her sleeves rolled up smiling at me with a mouthful of sushi. Yeah, romantic, right? It’s that moment where I realized I have never been this comfortable with someone in my entire life; where I realized I was in love.

It’s about the moments that you lose yourself in. It’s when everything makes sense and you feel like there is no place you’d rather be. The moments where you are a grown man, acting like you are 10 again, giggling and goofing around with no worries. It’s when you are 23-years-old, building forts and eating homemade pizza, all while watching Disney movies (yes, I did this and I loved it). It’s the moment you realize that you would do anything in the world for this person and that you are willing to change. It’s about taking actions when you say you are going to do something and not just talking about it.

Now, just because you had these moments and you found this person, doesn’t mean that things are going to be smooth sailing and perfect going forward. Then again, nothing is perfect in this world. You are going to have your arguments, you are going to have those huge fights. It is the bad times that make the good times so special. You need to be there for each other no matter what. You need to understand when you are wrong and when you need to man-up and make up for it. Learn to work as a team, learn to respect each other. From there, let love handle the rest.