The Drain

Kiana White

Tired, exhausted, and overworked
The feeling as if the world is passing you by
Week by week, day by day, step by step
The feeling is so unreal like I’m living in a dream
Is it me or do you feel it too?

The feeling of being awake but not present
Aware but inattentive
As if going through the motions, just trying to make it by
But of some kind, it’s worsening inside
Is it me or do you feel it too?

This feeling of some kind
As if an emotion raging inside
This feeling. This fervor. This sentiment.
This is the drain.

From sleepless nights to relentless studying,
Gnawing at my head to stay awake
From vigorously working to doubtfully living
Waking each day to the tearing and itching touch of its grip
This is The Drain.

Working your hardest, yet its fingers linger near
As if living now is far from endear
Have you felt its firming hold?
Are you experiencing its daunting presence?
Or are you aimlessly walking, turning a blind eye?
This is the drain.