The Charger Bulletin Donates Extra Paper to Local Community

The Charger Bulletin

A few weeks ago, The Charger Bulletin went green for a week! Instead of the normal, building-to-building delivery service that normally occurs every Wednesday morning, the paper was instead available online to any curious clicker across campus. Of course since then, The Charger Bulletin has gone back to its normal technologically advanced printing methods: your every day newspaper!

For those who don’t know, printing of the weekly edition of The Charger Bulletin is not exactly the most green process on campus. We use a lot of paper for copy editing, energy to create layouts, and we normally order more newspapers than the campus actually needs. In order to reach out to the campus community through the school newspaper, we have to rely on relatively “non-Earth friendly” methods to print. However, some of that is about to change.

In an effort to embrace the green living lifestyle adapted throughout campus, The Charger Bulletin will be making strides to add green practices to our papers. Don’t worry, copies of the paper will still be delivered to blue newsstands across campus. The Charger Bulletin will still be available in print and online copies. Instead, editor-in-chief Zack Rosen and assistant editor Erin Ennis will be collecting all of the unused papers at the end of the week and recycling them to local schools.

During the week, The Charger Bulletin will be rounding up all of the unused copies of the paper on campus: whether in our newsstands, our office, or floating randomly around campus. These extra copies will be brought to middle and elementary schools within the West Haven, New Haven, Milford, and Orange communities. Currently, many of these schools use newsprint for many different activities including paper mache, gluing, desk protection, and painting.

Remember when, back in elementary school, you would cover your desk in newspaper or scrap paper in order to avoid messes and spills? Now The Charger Bulletin will be bringing itself to the desks of students across the West Haven area. Our articles, editorials, comics, games, and popular features will be placed amongst glue, paint, and the occasional spill of sparkly glitter. While everyone may not see the great contribution this effort will bring, The Charger Bulletin knows it will be helping aid students at the lowest level while keeping unused newspapers away from trash recepticles. Now, your very own Charger Bulletin will be aiding the green living effort here on campus while supplying nearby schools with material for their classes.