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Fe fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an English man…oh wait, my mistake, that’s midnight munchies! Hey, as much as people may complain about it taking too long at times, can you think of anything better than having food delivered to you? It’s the lazy college student’s dream!

I have to say it once again, I absolutely LOVE snow days. So far this winter, we’ve had more snow days at the university then I ever did per year growing up on Nantucket. There’s nothing like an impromptu snowball fight to blow off some steam and to lighten the hearts of the students.


April 6, 1843. “Our wagon has overturned in the river and we have lost two of the oxen; half our party has died from pneumonia. We don’t know if we’ll ever make it to our destination.” Wait, what the hell!? This isn’t Oregon Trail! So tell me this, why the heck is every pathway on campus a veritable river whenever it rains?

Okay guys and gals, here is a little weekly lesson for you: that big, red octagonal thing at the side of the street is called a stop sign. So what do you do when you see it? STOP. I’m tired of almost being hit by people doing that “slow down then gun it” approach at stop signs and almost hitting people. STOP MEANS STOP!

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