The Charger Battery

The Charger Bulletin


We have some pretty awesome programming on campus. Not only do we have spring concert coming up, but even this weekend we had an awesome 5-6-7-8 dance show along with a trip to go see Lewis Black–a pretty dang famous comedian! Oh and don’t forget Wizard’s Chess? If you sit in your room surfing Facebook: get a life, go out and have some fun!

For a bunch of you, baseball season has begun. Here we go again with the “OMG YANKEEEEEEEEEESSS!” versus “Dah Sox ah *so* much bettah.” I love how a ball and a stick can incite so much tension, debacle, and downright spitefulness on campus.

April showers bring May flowers. This is the coolest time of year on campus because we get to see how a campus on a hill gets flooded. It kind of breaks physics, doesn’t it? But it makes for some cool puzzle solving. Besides puddle jumping, my next favorite game is Find the 5ft. Deep Puddle in Kaplan Parking Lot. Those puddles can be quite deceiving. Make the most out of it!


Looking back, I’ve never been on campus without construction occurring. During my SOAR session they were redoing Sheffield and building the “terrace” behind Bartels. They had just finished New Hall. Freshman year was sort of quiet until they started the Rec Center. Then came Sound View. We’re told “well the construction only takes three years.” But do they realize that undergraduate study is four years long? And now here we go with the Henry Lee building right on a main part of campus. Has anyone else figured out from the blueprints how the building is even going to fit? At least I’m out of here in 44 days.

Commuters–don’t you love it when accepted students are here and you have nowhere to park? Remember, new students are MUCH more important than the current ones. They already have your tuition, so why do they care if you fail due to the campus attendance policies? In the end, it’s just more money to go to new cars, new sports teams, and new buildings you won’t ever benefit from.