The Charger Battery



Wow! The Henry C. Lee Institute is back on. We’ve been waiting quite a while for this news. Unfortunately we’ll have to deal with even more construction on the campus, but this is a much needed building. I think it’ll help revolutionize and update the campus quite a bit while providing the school with additional, much needed resources.

Spring break is upon us! Let us bask in the glory of a week off in a semester full of snow days, chemical spills, emergency alert testing, among other various excitements. This break, pretty much the only break in the long, drawn out spring semester, will hopefully be enough to boost everyone through finals. And to seniors: after break there will only be 61 days until graduation. We’re so close!

Room selection seems to be working out well despite the battle over rooms in the new building. Good luck!


Snow removal. Does it really require making everyone move their cars, offering them only one single hour (between 7 and 8 a.m. no less) in which they can return their cars to their original parking spaces or else be ticketed–and then not even really “remove snow?” If you’re going to make everyone move their car, how about you actually do what you were supposed to do and remove the snow? And give us more time than an hour to move our cars back.

So did anyone else notice that the ShopRite discount is no more? Naturally, it’s just gone with no notification from the school at all–another case of failed communication. I wouldn’t be surprised if people at the school actually had no idea it happened.

Yay for chemical spills! I’m glad no one got hurt as it was potentially a very dangerous situation–the risk is always there for something happening in any science lab.