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Digital music sales rise but piracy is sour note

Joshua Van Hoesen

January 21, 2010

From The Associated Press LONDON – Strong growth in digital music sales in 2009 led by Lady Gaga failed to stop the continuing slump in the international recorded music industry, and pirates remain a major problem, an industry body said Thursday. Downloads of singles increased by 10 percent to...

A Sunny Day in Glasgow to headline the first ever Elm City PopFest

Mia Becker

November 9, 2009

Presented by Tweetfort Music and Art:  Tweefort and CT Indie have teamed up to bring you a full day of music to support Artspace New Haven-Saturday, November 14th, 2009: The music will start at 3 PM. Headlining the afternoon show will be New York indiepop band The Metric Mile. Also playing will be The Da...

Blink 182 Reunion Concert Hits Connecticut

Kait Richmond

September 16, 2009

Blink-182 played to a sold-out crowd in CT on August 29, 2009 giving fans the live show that the band has been best known for, including a touching tribute to their dear friend DJ A.M. The opening acts, Chester French, Taking Back Sunday, and Weezer, pumped up the crowd, but there was still a feeling...

CT Indie blogger, Jason Devin, talks about the local scene, Connecticut, and more!

Mia Becker

September 10, 2009

MB: When did the CT Indie Blog start, and what inspired you to start it? JD:  I started the blog in July of 2008, so it’s been up for about a year now. The main reason for starting the blog was because of the limitations of MySpace. I created the CT Indie MySpace page back in early 2007 to provide ...

Kristen’s Connecticut Summer Concerts: An Overview!

Kristen Bayusik

September 8, 2009

Summer is the best time of year for music. So many acts spend countless hours playing shows inside and out, all over the country. I picked the top three shows I caught this summer. HENRY ROLLINS: June 6, 2009- The Webster Theatre (Hartford, CT) Even though this show was spoken word, Henry Rollins de...

GRUNGE IS DEAD: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music: An Interview with Greg Prato, author,and music journalist

Mia Becker

September 7, 2009

Everyone remembers the first time they heard “Smells like Teen Spirit”. The crunching chords, the driving bass, and the pounding drums. The main stream music scene exploded in 1991, but the local Seattle scene happened many years before 1991. GRUNGE IS DEAD: The Oral History of Seattle Music div...

Watch Out! Dynasty Electric Are Burning Up!!

Kristen Bayusik

September 7, 2009

KB: How long have you guys been playing music together? DE: Since 2004. Originally we started off playing jazz music. I have Connecticut roots, I went to Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut and was involved with the jazz band up there with Anthony Braxton. Then I moved down to New York City...

Grace Jones, Tell All Your Friends PR: The Music Industry from a Publicist’s Point of View

Kait Richmond

September 7, 2009

The music industry would not exist as it does today if it weren’t for public relations. Although not everyone realizes it, websites and newspapers don’t find out about album releases on their own. These days, looking to make it big, bands are hiring professional publicists to spread the word in a...

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