Surrogates: Who’s Your Operator?

Stephen Acevedo

The somewhat anticipated movie Surrogates, plugged itself into theaters this past weekend. Many of you might have seen bits and pieces of the trailer on television with a perfectly young looking Bruce Willis, and might carry mixed feelings about the film. Well, in case you’re wondering if Surrogates lived up to its promising creative storyline, in my eyes the answer is- not really.

The film, though brilliant with plot, did not do much for me. When you look around a theater and see people answering phone calls and walking out for whatever reason, that usually means that the film is not that interesting. Quite frankly, I even caught myself enjoying my chocolate covered raisins more than some parts in the movie.

It is not so much the premise or the action that keeps Surrogates from becoming what it has the potential to be, but rather it is the interest of the world depicted in the film. For instance, when I watched The Dark Knight, throughout the entire movie, I felt as if I were in Gotham City. I felt part of Bruce Wayne’s world. But in Surrogates, this feeling does not occur, and this detachment from the film’s fantastic setting along with mediocre acting and unimaginative dialogue is what draws it back in the end. Sometimes I wish I had a surrogate, just to avoid enduring the pain in some parts of the movie.

Nonetheless, Surrogates is not a horrendous film. It does have its shining moments. First and foremost, the special effects were a plus. Surrogates was definitely more successful than X-Men: The Last Stand when it came to making their actors look younger. Bruce Willis’s surrogate was right on point and was careful not to be overly done. Also, the action scenes were pretty nice to watch, nothing too amazing, but again pleasant to watch.

In my opinion, it is not worth joining Agent Greer’s (Bruce Willis) mission on discovering who is murdering humans while connected to their surrogates, on the big screen. I would actually recommend reading the graphic novel. Not that I have read it, but the book is usually better than the movie, and in this case, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Surrogates is one of those films that you will not regret seeing, but that you don’t care much for in the end. Let’s just say it won’t spark up conversation. Honestly, I feel that if Bruce Willis wasn’t in the movie, the movie would have not been successful at all. So in all, I would wait for t to come out on television before watching it, it certainly is not worth the seven or ten bucks. Surrogates gets a C+ in my book.