Students Perform at Second Beanhouse

The Charger Bulletin

WEST HAVEN–The second Beanhouse, organized by SCOPE, took place on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 9:00 p.m. in Bartels Lobby. It was a place where budding singers astonished the audience with the power of their music.

Completely different from the first Beanhouse, there were many more people in the audience. While there was no poetry or prose this time around, there were a lot of new performers. The performers of the evening included Phil Ducheny, Jesse Johnson III, Ajay Ananda and returning musician Colin Burke who performed acoustic versions of songs by System of a Down, December and The Spill Canvas.

There were a lot of performers who played originals, with the exception of Jesse Johnson III who performed the song “Rocking in the World” by Neil Young. Beanhouse lasted for two hours and ended with a performance of Incubus song “Drive” by Danielle, Steph and Jesse.