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Staying Healthy for Finals

Erin Ennis

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As we move into finals week, don’t forget one of the most important things this winter season: your health! With the first cold snaps of this year upon us, and many hours of studying and paper writing in front of us, it is important to remember to keep healthy!

Health Services is continuously receiving small batches of the H1N1 flu vaccine. If you are a student 24 years of age or younger, pregnant, a health care provider, or 25-64 with a chronic health condition, call them to keep updated on the flu vaccine schedule at (203) 932-7079! This way, when the vaccine comes in, you can be sure to keep yourself healthy for the holiday season. If you haven’t already gotten your seasonal flu vaccine, consider picking one up when you go home during break. They are normally very inexpensive and are well worth the money. By protecting yourself with immunizations, you can be sure to avoid the hassles of being sick during finals and beyond.

Unable to get your H1N1 vaccine? There are plenty of non-vaccination ways to protect yourself as the end of the school year flies by. Remember to always wash your hands and use antibacterial sanitizer if you own some. Keep your apartments clean and attempt to do some serious cleaning before you leave for the holiday season. Don’t share food and drink with your roommates and friends: even if there is only one glass of egg nog left. Most importantly, if you start to feel sick: isolate yourself from your roommates! Get yourself to health services right away: the knowledgeable staff will help you in any way they can.

With exams, papers, projects, and the foreboding finals approaching, make sure you don’t catch the seasonal flu or H1N1. Not only will you have trouble concentrating on your pile of school work, these last few cheerful days with friends and family will be ruined by a fever, sniffles, and the chills. Contact Health Services to learn more about H1N1 protection and contact your family doctor for any additional information about the seasonal flu vaccine. Take care of yourself! Stay healthy over the holidays!

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Staying Healthy for Finals