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Samantha Salvio

SPECIAL! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

An event of this magnitude only happens twice a year—a week-long fashion show held in five different locations across three continents in New York, Miami, Berlin, Australia and Istanbul. This is where the top designers worldwide, such as BCBG, Max Azria,Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors, reveal their fashion styles for the new season on the runways for all critics to critique for the first time.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (photos obtained via
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (photos obtained via

The most recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week just ended in New York on Thursday, Sept 11, where they showcased Spring/Summer 2015 fashion trends at the Lincoln Center. If you missed it completely, you’re not completely at fault. It isn’t widely publicized to the public and is not open to just anyone who happens to pass by the venue.

Exclusive does not even begin to describe this event; not even all well-known fashion designers are invited into the show. There are, in fact, three ways to obtain a ticket to this illustrious event: register and request participation, simply be invited, or sneak in to see the show as a registered volunteer. If you are not directly invited, the registration process has an application fee of $80 and even that does not guarantee approval; the application still needs to be approved.

To rise in victory past the war and bloodshed among all the designers fighting for a spot in “the tents” is such a prestigious honor in the fashion industry and provides a platform to advertise themselves and their designs as a top designer.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but these fashion trends will make you look forward to dressing cute again after the snowstorms:

1.Floral: From Erin Featherston to Michael Kors, this pattern trend has made it through another season change. Stay traditional and use the floral and pair it with some lace to accentuate a more feminine look like Kendall Jenner, who walked for Diane Von Furstenberg. Not feeling the Girl Next Door and want a more relaxed look? Slip on a plain white tank or V-neck with a floral kimono and some flared pants for a more boho vibe.

2.Materials: Cotton and polyester are being put aside for some more daring alternatives. Calvin Klein showed off a red shining leather dress and Ralph Lauren added some felt into his designs. These different materials are a fun way to mix up the norm and bring some fun to your outfits for the spring, especially if you check out some of Rodarte’s designs. I’m not sure how comfortable leather dresses would be for class, but definitely try it for a night out downtown and not a day stuck in a classroom.

3.Big hats: Sounds like we’re getting some direct inspiration for our neighbors across the pond. You don’t have to be royalty to match a big hat along with your outfit. If you do wear a bigger, floppy hat with an outfit, make any other accessories minimal; a simple thin gold bracelet or a pair of studs won’t overdo things.