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Second Body Found in California

Erin Ennis

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Only a week after the discovery of 17 year old Chelsea King’s body in a shallow grave on the shore of Lake Hodge’s, California, the remains of a 14 year old girl have been found in a remote section of the Pala Indian Reservation. The remains are considered to be part of an ongoing murder investigation and therefore cannot be discussed in detail by police.

FBI evidence response team members work near a pond area at Kit Carson Park in Escondido, Calif. Saturday, March 6, 2010. Police began a second day of searching the area after receiving a report that children had found what looked like human hair. Police suspect the discovery might have some connection to the disappearance of 14-year-old Amber Dubois about a year ago in the same region where 17-year-old Chelsea King disappeared last week. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

However, leaked news responses have led to the arrest of a known sex offender.

The remains, believed to be that of Amber Dubois, are directly related to the Chelsea King case. Dubois had been walking to Escondido High School nearly a year ago when she never made it to class. Although her parent’s had never stopped looking for her, police investigation had begun to focus directly on John Albert Gardner and faltered over the year. Minimal evidence, despite Gardner’s troubled past, led police to keep the case open but practically uninvestigated. With the discovery of both bodies, Gardner is now the primary focus in both murder cases and an “easy conviction” according to California district attorneys.

Gardner, a sex offender, has been charged with multiple counts of assault and a conviction of molestation prior to these two cases. Although he has pled not guilty in the death of Chelsea King, the newly discovered remains of Amber Dubois gives little reason to believe his innocence.

California police hope for the best in the upcoming investigations and trials for John Albert Gardner despite the new evidence. With the death of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois, along with the molestations and assaults from additional sources, it is believed that the John Albert Gardner case could be presented as a death penalty case.

Although Gardner has now been released on bail, groups have started to form in response and protest. Many parents of the California area fear for their children with a sex offender out in public. Stay tuned for detailed and continuous coverage of the California murders.

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Second Body Found in California