SCOPE Rocks the Week with Rock ‘n’ Roll Week

Glenn Altshuler

Last week was filled with music as SCOPE held its annual Rock ’n’ Roll Week! The week kicked off on Monday with Mock Rock Videos. Students who stopped by the programming space were able to dress-up, jump in front of a green screen, and make their very own music video. Each student that participated left with a DVD of their video to amuse their friends and family.

On Tuesday, students came out to hear a lecture in the Alumni Lounge entitled “60’s Rock- When the Music Mattered.” The lecture was given by Barry Drake, a performer and songwriter with an extensive career who played alongside greats such as Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, and James Taylor. The lecture involved slides, video clips, and of course, lots and lots of music. (Fun Fact: The last time Barry was at UNH it was called Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll Week. Barry’s Question: What happened to the sex and drugs?)

On Wednesday, SCOPE held its monthly Beanhouse, an open mic night. After a late start due to some scheduling conflicts, the night went well with lots of great student performers, some doing well known songs and others their own original music.

Thursday was the annual Battle of the Bands, sponsored by MEISA. Eight bands took part in the competition: Sounds Like Spring, Ja Mustache Eddie’s, Casting Call, The Day Spring, Robbing the Vatican, Speak In Verse, Peter Pann, and As It Unfolds. It was a great event displaying some of the great student talent found at UNH. As part of the competition, each band performed a cover of a Lady Gaga song, to the great amusement of the audience. It was a close contest, but the winner was As It Unfolds.

On Friday, SCOPE brought in Dancing Heads, another opportunity for students to make their own videos. This time, students were placed in front of a green screen and wore green smocks so that only their head was visible to the camera. They then bobbed along to the music as their head was placed on an animated body. Once again students left with a DVD to commemorate the evening.

When Saturday arrived it was time for the annual Rock’N’Roll Week Concert, held in the bookstore parking lot. The opening group was As It Unfolds, the winners of Battle of the Bands.

The band is a local metal/alternative group with two members who are students at UNH. In total, the group has five members; Aaron Fife(Lead Vocals/Guitar), Frank Rodriguez(Scream Vocals), Jesse Morin(Guitar), Brennan DiLernia(Bass), and Ryan Weil(Drums/Vocals). The group was followed by the headliner, Addison Station, a pop/rock group out of Manchester, CT. The band and its four members, Trent Gerbers, Jeff Kenniston, Jon Coates, and Kyle Dunnack, have been gaining notoriety as they tour the northeast. It was a great show that filled the campus with music for one night. Students who attended the event were given free Rock’N’Roll Week t-shirts and a ticket for a prize drawing at the end of the night. Given away were numerous movies, an Xbox 360, and an electric guitar.

In all, Rock’N’Roll week continued to prove itself to be a great tradition at the University of New Haven. Credit should be given to the SCOPE Special Events Committee and all of the students who helped make this week a success.