Michelle R Morra

Finally, it’s the end of the semester!  And finishing off the semester, there were some really great SCOPE events from Weekends, Film, and last but not least Day Programming.

Film had a great week of movies this past week; they didn’t just show one movie, but instead they showed two!  On Tuesday night, they played Charlie St. Cloud which starred Zac Efron.  This movie was full of happy, sad, romantic, and some heartfelt moments.  It is definitely a movie to see if you’re looking for a heartwarming movie.  On the completely opposite end of the movie genres, there was Resident Evil, which Film played on Friday to finish off the fall semester movie line up.  This movie was filled with action, action, and more action.  So we had a heartwarming and an action packed movie this past week.  Of course, join SCOPE Film next semester for some more great movies and some more good times with friends.

SCOPE Weekends finished the semester with a bang.  On Friday night, they took a trip to go Ice Skating.  Students had a great time either lacing up some old skates and remembering good memories or trying to ice skate for the first time.  There were some falls, laughs, and some great moves.  On Saturday night, they brought Salsa Magic to campus.  The students that joined us learned how to dance the Salsa and the Bachata, with some other great Latin dances added in there.  It was a fun time trying to learn those dances.  Some students picked up on it right away and others, like yours truly, just picked up their feet. I believe it was the best I could do. There are more great events coming up next semester, especially some trips and novelty events that will be on campus.

Last, but not least, to really finish off the semester was Day Programming who planned their Relaxation Package again.  There were massage artists, a chocolate fountain, and pillow making.  Actually if you get this paper early enough, it might still be going on, in the Rec Center, today  Wednesday, December 8 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.  Come join us and relax before finals really stress you out.

Ok everyone, good luck on finals and hope everyone enjoys their break!!!  SCOPE will be back next semester with more great events for everyone to enjoy.