RECSports Revs Up for Season Four

Kat Wilberding

WEST HAVEN–Out with February and in with Season Four, I say. That’s right, Season Four registration began on Monday, Mar. 2. For all of you RECSports-loving people out there you have until Friday, Mar. 13 to find a team or make a team and sign up. You may wonder what sports will be offered in Season Four so here’s the lineup: 6 v. 6 volleyball, softball, indoor soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. Also, RECSports is throwing in a table tennis tournament just for good measure. So get ready for Season Four.

Of course while we celebrate the approach of Season Four, let’s not forget about Season Three. It’s coming down to the wire as teams battle each other in these final weeks of regular play for the best position in the playoffs. The playoffs are just after spring break, so there is still plenty of action and highlights left to see in Season Three.

Speaking of highlights, the crowd went wild last Wednesday night as Jay Swols hit nothing but net in a casual over-the-head toss from half court during the end of a co-rec basketball game. The fans rushed the court congratulating this senior who has been an exceptionally active member of RECSports. Among his other RECSports activities, Jay is ranked as one of the top racquetball players in the RECSports racquetball ladder, which brings us to the racquetball tournament.

On Saturday, Feb. 21, RECSports held an awesome racquetball tournament. The tournament had two tiers: singles and doubles. Eight talented students fought to be the champion of the singles bracket, and in the end Ryan Lancaster reigned victorious. Four teams sought to be the doubles champions and after fierce competitions Ryan Lancaster and Jon Bouchard were named the winners. Congratulations to the winners of the tournament and thank you to all those who participated.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more RECSports news!